Generation Cana

The Cana Foundation (CF) supports research, policy and action to support the wellbeing of horses and burros in North America, and the role they play in America’s iconic prairie and grassland ecosystems. With strong connections to first nations communities and the nexus of social justice and environmental issues, CF’s founder wanted to reach more people and inspire a new audience to take action in ways that went beyond specific policy solutions.


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Brand Strategy

Generation Cana is a concept by an established conservationist who wants to popularise and inspire a new and diverse generation of Americans to fall in love with their natural landscapes and support rewilding- of their own worldviews, and of the lands they live on.

We helped identify a clear and pragmatic strategy to bring the client’s goals to life.
Through naming, branding and design, we established a clear vision, a compelling narrative, and worked closely with the client to ensure our work complemented and supported the emerging organisational strategy and opportunities for the Gen. Cana brand, as well as its affiliates.

Gen. Wild. Child.

The brand concept, Love Songs to America, is based on revitalising North American Romanticism.

Its visual language draws on iconic precedents in North American naturalism that we updated to reach modern, urban audiences. An internal brand manifesto was established to crystalise the brand’s purpose, tone of voice and personality, along with a set of illustrative templates, design applications, and targeted messaging to demonstrate how the brand can be applied to achieve the clients goals.

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