Branding for a fitness studio in Hong Kong.

Our client had a vision for a health and wellness studio in Hong Kong that stood out against institutional gyms and DIY homespun classes that were typical in the city.

O:Rin, a play on the word original, is a rejuvenating space that encourages individuals to step away from their busy lives and explore their unique and unfettered identity by experiencing personalised healing and growth through Pilates, Gyrotonic and Meditation.


Branding & Strategy 
Creative Direction 
3D Illustration 
Website Design 
Social Strategy
Social Media Design  
Studio Chenchen was engaged in the early stages of the business to support O:Rin’s founder as a dedicated creative partner. We provided a full suite of services including brand, concept and narrative development; direction of interior design, material and furniture selection; plus graphic design, naming and copy-writing.

Seeking inner peace through movement.

The studio space was crafted to provide a consistent and elevating experience that embodies O:Rin’s brand & philosophy. We ensured the site’s single window was used to maximum effect and that materials, lines and colours would evoke a natural, healthy, workable and welcoming environment. Conscious that excellent customer experiences would require fluid functionality and management options, we designed an adaptive floorplan that creates an effortless sense of order and space but is practicable for a variety of different classes and formats.

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