Develop the brand for Australia’s first online platform that curates adaptive clothing where style and functionality meet.


Branding & Strategy 
Creative Direction 
3D Illustration 
Copy Writing
Packaging Design  

Boldness is the first step.

We were totally on-board with the vision of our client- that fashion done well is inclusive, functional, empowering and dignifying.
We developed the brand concept and design assets, plus naming, copy, and artistic direction of photography to help our client build a strong, consistent identity and make a splash into the market.
The branding and design approach draws on an activist campaign graphic to demonstrate our firm belief and manifesto- "The Future is Inclusive" and every human has the right to look good and define who they are. An adaptive logo reflects individuality and takes on different shapes and sizes to hammer home the point, and the use of text blocks calls on the aesthetics of label makers – because the only labels that count are the ones you craft yourself.

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