Pang Pang Pantry

Our client wanted to bring an authentic and healthy suite of Asian condiments to a market of Australian connoisseurs. Their products are hand-made and released in small batches. They use simple ingredients and cater for all wants and needs- vegans, vegetarians, and meat-eaters. While the products are rich in flavour and rooted in tradition, they keep things fresh by creating regular limited-release variations on our suite of XO sauces and flavour bombs.


Branding & Strategy
Creative Direction
Social Strategy
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Packaging Design
Graphic Design


We provided a full brand service from concept and naming to copywriting and design. We leaned into it with the kind of bold, authentic, and flavourful execution it deserves.

Our brand concept is Fatty Boom Boom. It celebrates that in many Asian cultures, we worship the imagery (and reality) of fat babies. They symbolise a prosperous society, a happy family with plentiful food on the table, and a world without worries. And they’re cute.

Mascots for the brand are two babies, Bai Bai (白白) and Pang Pang (胖胖). Pang Pang is the main character, a constant consumer of the mainstays in the lineup. Bai Bai is a sidekick representing playful variations. Pang Pang is there on all of our sauces while Bai Bai, the mischievous one, drops in now and then to add some extra flavour and mix up the magic. The device adds some fun and helps customers choose their products.

Elsewhere in the brand, we drew on a range of nostalgic influences, symbology, and stories to evoke nostalgic memories of Asia and pride in our culture while striking a balance with modern tastes and a general cosmopolitan audience.

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