Help our client launch a brand of adult cookie dough that’s eaten straight from the tub. They needed the brand and packaging to stand out and connect with their target audience.


Branding & Strategy 
Creative Direction 

Packaging Design
Website Design
Edible cookie dough is mischievous glee- it’s a way for adults to be honest about their vices, sneak a little treat, and bring some joy back into their lives. Our design plays with this attitude- a little sultry and a little edgy, we wanted the brand to pop on the shelf and evoke a sating allure that says “we’re allowed to have some fun”.

Fold in the sugar, and add a pinch of naughtiness.

To do it, we use bold aesthetics in a series of punk-rock style illustrations that, like our audience, know where the line is but choose to pause there for a moment of liberty. We’re here for innocent hearts acting naughty.

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