CelRevive has a unique commitment to provide skincare products that are tailored to people going through cancer treatments like chemotherapy. Founded by a formulation chemist and cancer survivor, CelRevive is very conscious about what goes into its products. It also recognises the holistic needs and context of its customers. CelRevive wanted a branding service to help it express that it is clinical about its products but human through and through.

Studio Chenchen came up with a brand narrative that is confident, clear-eyed, and transparent. We tell customers about the research behind each formula in a way that is direct and simple. This approach demonstrates the point of difference in the brand and equips CelRevive to cut through in an overcrowded, and often murky, skincare market.


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The Expansive Micro

Our design concept is inspired by the scale and scope of action that takes place on the skin microbiome. Our formulations lead to a landscape of tiny and deliberate actions occurring in unfathomable plurality, carefully nourishing, restoring, and protecting our body’s surface. We want to recreate the beauty of this micro-scaled agency, mixing a human touch with a sense of scientific beauty and clarity in our brand.

We use fine grainy textures and layering to depict the scale of this minute and protective process in abstract visuals. We combine that with restrained layouts that mix white, medical layouts with naturalistic influences, echoing our natural ingredients and holistic–but very scientific– approach to health.

The overall effect is one of confidence, control, and precision– an approach to skincare that shows science isn’t thuggery but rather an ability to dance with the fluid, irresistible patterns that we find in nature.

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