Taste Collective

Food consultancy in Shanghai, China.

Taste Collective is a food consultancy based in Shanghai. It ideates and executes tailored food and beverage experiences and business ideas for clients looking to enter or optimize their position in the Chinese market. Founded by American and Australian expats, Taste Collective aims to bring out the best from the times we eat together and positions itself as a curator of food experiences in the local market.


Branding & Strategy 
Creative Direction 
Copy Writing


The branding idea was inspired by the journey and emotion of people eating together. Whether we’re eating with friends, family, colleagues or a bunch of random people, food brings us together for a shared experience. 

The act of gathering and the stories we exchange- it’s these human elements that stay with us the most. The balls present the gathering and exchange between people, and the colours and textures makes a call to organic features, tastes and flavours of food. The overall look and feel integrates Eastern and Western aesthetics to appeal to our client’s market.
The clients were thrilled with the result and the branding helped the company immediately land contracts with multinational brands as clients.

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