Shillington Post

To create an image of my own interpretation of "Feminism" for the cover of Shillington’s design magazine- Shillington Post.


Cover Art Creative Direction

Ai Weiwei smashed Han Dynasty antiques, we’ll smash expectations of what a “Woman” is, and can be…

When Ai Weiwei destroyed ancient objects that were cherished symbols of Han Chinese culture, it was shocking. But he did it in order to break free from the limitations and constraints of traditional art. It marked a new approach for the artist, and the beginning of new art in China.

For the cover of Shillington Post’s “Woman” publication, I smash a bust of Aphrodite- a classic symbol for the ideal woman that has been promoted in the West for centuries and exported around the world.
The concept is that only when the default image of a woman is destroyed, can the freedom of self-identification begin.

A series of photographs captures the action - with strong colour and imagery showing the determination of women who want to “break the mould.”

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