Shangri-La's Dragon Boat Festival

Packaging design and concept for Shangri-La Hotels, China

The Dragon Boat Festival is regarded as the first real day of summer, when the weather gets hot and insects and snakes emerge. Studio Chenchen worked with Shangri-La China to design the packaging for collateral sold in hotels throughout Greater China.


Creative Direction
Packaging Design
Traditionally, people use herbs, fragrant, and medicine to rid of insects. People also race dragon boats, wear colourful pattern and tiger totem to scare away the evil spirits. It is a time of abundance, adventures and flavours.

In this concept, we create a folk-tale-inspired story of the summer, the heat, the plants, the snakes and the tigers. It is a tradition-inspired way to celebrate the festival, and also to honour our ancestors’ way of co-existing with the nature.
The 2019 gift box were sold out nation-wide in China. One of the best sale outcomes for Shangri-La in recent years. Shangri-La had then decided on continuing with the same design for 2020.

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