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Ann provides a broad legal service in Victoria with a focus on personal injury claims. She has established a strong personal brand in the way she practices law- she brings a human approach that is confident and professional, as well as approachable and compassionate. To help her launch her own practice, alongside her innovative legal service Pass in Peace, Ann needed a brand that can tell people who she is, and how she can help.


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Re-making the traditional law firm.

For the judicial system to work and provide any sense of justice, Ann tells us it needs good lawyers to fight for the rights people – and they do this in an uneven world that has bias and power asymmetries. It seemed clear that this reality, and GRIT Legal’s role in the system, stands in contrast to the famous figure of ‘Lady Justice’, who has been depicted as an allegory in traditional (male-dominated) law firms for centuries; a blindfolded woman passively serving justice through punishment by the sword. Re-making this image from GRIT Legal’s perspective gave us a symbol for the brand identity.

Justice is neither blind nor passive.

Progress and fairness requires constant vigilance and action. Ann is not passive, she has to fight hard for her clients because they and she know that the system will not blindly distribute justice. GRIT legal are often involved to fight legal battles for people who are up against powerful adversaries. Our take on Lady Justice can see because she needs to.

Fighting for compassion 
in the Victorian legal system.

To tweak the idea that justice and the law revolves around swords and violence, we also added Common Heath – Victoria’s floral emblem- to the motif. This helps us further show how GRIT Legal isn’t a continuation of a masculine legal imaginary. In personal injury compensation, GRIT Legal’s priority is the growth and healing of their clients.

Ann’s approach is authoritative, confident and powerful, but she’s also approachable, compassionate and somebody that listens. In many cases, Ann tells us there is no amount of compensation can restore ‘justice’ in the face of her clients’ tragic, life-changing events. Instead, she aims for maximum compensation and the vindication of a legal ruling to help her clients to live their lives. Adding plants around the sword hints at this story of growth, suggesting priority lies with the client, not the perpetrator. 

Overall, it shows how a complex and holistic femininity sits foundational to her practice and that this empowers her professionalism.

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